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Data-driven research support

Computations offers comprehensive support in any social sciences and humanities (SSH) research which involves data usage. We are assisting research on all stages of the research lifecycle from data collection, through processing to visualisation and publication of research results (articles, books, datasets, etc.).
Our team includes data scientists, developers and SSH researchers passionate about helping researchers achieve their goals.

Data collection

includes identifying relevant data, retrieving them via APIs, other protocols, webscraping, data extraction from textual resources

Data processing

includes data modelling, setting up database for research purposes

Publication support

includes data visualisation, supporting writing process with data science expertise, research data management (RDM) and data management plans (DMP)

Our collaborations
  • Supporting research on Austrian literary prizes at University of Vienna.
  • Managing annotation workflows for CHIST-ERA project on FAIR Software.
  • Supporting research network around "Journal of Jesuit Studies".